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I watch a lot of anime, a whole butt load of anime. Perhaps that’s not the kind of thing an adult should admit (at least I think being a college graduate makes me an adult), but it’s true. When I’m not at work trudging through the somewhat menial work that comes along with an entry level position in marketing, I am at home watching anime.

Yes, I am a 23 year old working professional who watches anime. If you’re not in shock yet then you better prepare yourself because I’m also a cosplayer. While my parents might not totally agree with dressing up like an anime character and going to conventions, they are definitely proud that I learned frugality from them.

Earth wrapped in film with imagesJust like me, my parents have always had expensive hobbies. Instead of having to spend money on cosplay supplies and convention tickets, they spent their money on golfing. Lessons, super fancy golf clubs, course fees, and whatever else people who golf spend money on. Now we’ve never been rich, but we’re not poor. In order to pay for their hobbies my parents saved money wherever they could and I learned to do the same.

 To save money I don’t have a cable package. I only pay for internet and because I am such a cheap son of a gun, I don’t even have Netflix. That means finding sites to watch anime on is really tough. I don’t want to go somewhere that isn’t safe and get a virus and it might kill me if I had to watch English dubs, that is why a safe and secure private internet access is necessary (read the full info here

At least I am tech savvy enough to torrent the anime I want to watch, but we all know that could get expensive really fast if I ever got in trouble with copyright laws. So here’s what I do. I use a free VPN service. It’s a secure private network that provides me with complete internet anonymity and encrypts all my internet traffic as well as it must be fast since I am looking for movie streams, you can look here to know which vpn is the fastest?.

Now I’m not worried about getting in any kind of trouble and can watch all my anime! I’ve got added perks such as access to previously restricted sites and enhanced internet security. It’s really awesome and I suggest that anyone who doesn’t want to pay for a VPN to find a free VPN service like I did! However you can also try different VPN’s which is paid but will give you a worthy service, just like “hidemyass” (look at this now Enjoy surfing everyone!