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My Safe Laptop and Mobile!


UntitledVPNs are the best thing since cut cheese, in my opinion.  I have a laptop and smart-phone that stay with me all the time. I use them for personal use every day. I don’t like others knowing my exact location, so this technology fits in perfectly with my goals, objectives, and lifestyle.

Some of the sites I visit block access unless I am from the particular country, China for instance. So, I simply visit a VPN site and get a new address. Then, I can access any site I desire. And, it makes it look like I’m visiting, or living, in that country. It is a fantastic way to hide my true location.

Sometimes I’ll be in a public place, like my library, using their free resources. Many times, I attempt viewing a website that states it’s blocked my location. When this happens, I simply switch the address of the computer I’m working on to one appropriate for the site I’m visiting. Then, I go about my business of learning from the site. After I’m done, I simply go back into the computer’s setting and change their address back to the original one.

VPNs are great for making it appear like I’m communicating from a foreign land. It’s a blast to post comments to various sites and blogs from a foreign VPN. I look like a world traveler. It’s also fun sending emails from a VPN associated with a foreign land. I get all kinds of questions. It’s fun, entertaining, and a great conversation piece. Read  http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/hidemyass/http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/private-internet-access-pia-vpn/ and http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/ .

The best part of using VPNs on my mobile devices and laptop is to keep Big Brother from monitoring my whereabouts. There is something creepy about having others track my moves. I could be sitting on a beach, texting on my smart-phone, and make it appear that I’m half-way around the world. I like that. Plus, it fits my budget.



HideMyAss VPN Service

Hide my  ass VPN serviceWhen I was looking at service providers, I discovered HideMyAss VPN service had a 30-day money back guarantee on their subscription plans in place of a “free” trial period. So, technically, I got a 30-day free trial to see how well I liked HideMyAss. If I decided their service did not offer everything I desired, I could cancel it and request a full refund of the monthly service fee.

Considering they offered a higher number of connection options, available IP addresses, and the ability to select my own protocol, with no bandwidth restrictions, I decided to give them a try. During my initial 30-day period, I also learned I could connect two devices at the same time and not pay any additional service fees. I can download videos, music, and movies to my tablet for an upcoming business trip, while browsing securely on my favorite social media sites on my laptop.

Included in the numerous connection options was the ability to choose from 65 different countries. This allowed me to access blocked content in those countries I could not previously get to through a regular internet connection. Now I can read my favorite foreign magazines and newspapers online, as well as watch foreign videos and listen to foreign music.

The best part about HideMyAss VPN service was the ease of starting the connection. I open the application, which opens my Dashboard. From there, I can connect using my previous connection or use the drop down boxes to make changes for other connections I used in the past. If I want a new configuration or make other changes, I simply navigate to the area using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

I urge you to try HideMyAss VPN service today if you are looking for a reliable provider featuring the most options and features.

I Want to Unblocked Streaming Video, How?



Alright, anyone who follows me on Tumblr knows I am absolutely obsessed with BBC shows. Sherlock, Dr. Who, and Torchwood are all my favorite things ever to watch. So when Sherlock season 3 starting airing over in England and I had to wait for the American airdates I could not handle it.

 I know what you’re thinking, “Belle, you’re a sixteen year old girl. Your obsession with Benedict Cumberbatch and need to see everything he’s in the second it comes out is really unhealthy”. Well obviously you just really, really don’t understand the absolute perfection that is Cumberbatch. I want to have his children. His beautifully gifted children with lovely deep voices.

Anyway, with my overwhelming devotion to Benedict I just couldn’t wait for the American airdates. It just wasn’t going to happen. You can’t dangle something so marvelous in front of my face and actually expect me to wait patiently to receive it.

So do you want to know what I did? I found myself a magical way around BBC’s refusal to stream their shows online to Americans. That’s a pretty rude thing of them to do anyway. After all, don’t they want to know how successful their shows are doing around the world? I digress, what I am trying to tell you is that there are these cool things called VPNs.

 what is

Now despite all the time I spend online, I actually didn’t know what a VPN was at all. A quick search on ways to get around blocked video content was what introduced me to them. Basically they are these virtual private networks that allow you to access anything on the internet regardless of where you live. They change your IP address to unblock restricted sites and they keep you anonymous online.

So, since I didn’t know a lot about them or where to even get one I did some more searching. I found out that there are actually free VPN reviews all over the Web. They review VPN service providers and are super helpful when it comes to finding one that works for you. Everyone should really go check them out like this review about how to use iphone vpn to hide your data from online lookers. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t found a VPN service.


You can use VPN providers primarily on pc like as Windows VPN or use it in any mobile device you would like to hide your identity while surfing the net. Even you are in an Asian or European or even in Israel you can use a VPN from one of this best vpn for Israel review to access restricted sites.