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How To Change Your Private IP: Method 2 of 2

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Step 1.

You’ll begin by entering “cmd” into the Search field in the Start menu. If you’re using Windows 8, you’ll need to type “cmd” when on the Start screen. This will bring up the command prompt. When it is open you’ll need to type “ipconfig/release”. After this you’ll type “ipconfig/renew”. You will then see your new IP address and other connection sections displayed on your screen.

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Step 2.

You’ll want to change your IP address by using your router (or with the use of a vpn service software). You can do this by opening the configuration page of your router. First, you’ll need to open the LAN Setup Section. Depending on what type of router you have the wording will vary. You’ll need to look for the Address Reservation section. This will allow you to assign private IPs to certain devices. From the list of connected devices select which one you want to assign a new IP and a fast vpn.


If you don’t see the device you want you might have to enter the device’s MAC address and name yourself. When determining your IP address you can leave the first thing sections of the address the same (192.128.1) most of the time but it is the last section of numbers that you should change. You can usually create a number anywhere from 1 to 100, though certain routers will allow you to go as high as 254. Make sure that your address is not currently being used by another device on your network, as this force one device to lose its connection.

Changing your IP address is a great way to increase your protection. Having the best vpn can keep your location and personal data away from any prying eyes. To ensure that you have the best vpn service, you need to get it from a reliable vpn service provider. The best vpn service providers usually have some great reviews such as this one: hidemyass review.