My Safe Laptop and Mobile!


UntitledVPNs are the best thing since cut cheese, in my opinion.  I have a laptop and smart-phone that stay with me all the time. I use them for personal use every day. I don’t like others knowing my exact location, so this technology fits in perfectly with my goals, objectives, and lifestyle.

Some of the sites I visit block access unless I am from the particular country, China for instance. So, I simply visit a VPN site and get a new address. Then, I can access any site I desire. And, it makes it look like I’m visiting, or living, in that country. It is a fantastic way to hide my true location.

Sometimes I’ll be in a public place, like my library, using their free resources. Many times, I attempt viewing a website that states it’s blocked my location. When this happens, I simply switch the address of the computer I’m working on to one appropriate for the site I’m visiting. Then, I go about my business of learning from the site. After I’m done, I simply go back into the computer’s setting and change their address back to the original one.

VPNs are great for making it appear like I’m communicating from a foreign land. It’s a blast to post comments to various sites and blogs from a foreign VPN. I look like a world traveler. It’s also fun sending emails from a VPN associated with a foreign land. I get all kinds of questions. It’s fun, entertaining, and a great conversation piece. Read and .

The best part of using VPNs on my mobile devices and laptop is to keep Big Brother from monitoring my whereabouts. There is something creepy about having others track my moves. I could be sitting on a beach, texting on my smart-phone, and make it appear that I’m half-way around the world. I like that. Plus, it fits my budget.