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How To Watch Netflix With A Vpn

how to access Netflix with VPN“Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet.” Are you one of them who received this message that popped up when you try opening Netflix?

You are not alone! If you live in a nation without Netflix support you’ll get a message like this telling you that Netflix is not available in your area yet. That can be annoying, specially knowing that they offer tons of amazing films and programs for those with a running subscription.

Netflix is the no. 1 video service available online and it is getting more and more renowned each single day. It spreads quickly, however unfortunately not quick enough, thus for people living in the Nations where Netflix can be seen.

VPN To Access Netflix

Virtual Private Network better known as VPN, provides you the ability to alter your public IP address and subsequently unlock content that would usually be unavailable in your region. Therefore, once you setup a VPN does spoof your online location.

How To Watch Netflix With a VPN

  • VPN works without problems even if your ISP utilizes DNS hijacking or Transparent proxies.
  • You do need a VPN enabled router to make this work, as Chromecast doesn’t natively support VPN.
  • VPN grants you access to geoblocked content and channels including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu, Now TV, and more. But, you can access channels of only one region at once. If you wish to watch geo-blocked content from another region you have to re-configure your VPN IP.
  • It allows you to browse the web anonymously by hiding your IP address.
  • By means of encrypting your internet traffic, VPN protects you from hackers and spies.

You may check out different VPN services providers online.

HideMyAss VPN Service

Hide my  ass VPN serviceWhen I was looking at service providers, I discovered HideMyAss VPN service had a 30-day money back guarantee on their subscription plans in place of a “free” trial period. So, technically, I got a 30-day free trial to see how well I liked HideMyAss. If I decided their service did not offer everything I desired, I could cancel it and request a full refund of the monthly service fee.

Considering they offered a higher number of connection options, available IP addresses, and the ability to select my own protocol, with no bandwidth restrictions, I decided to give them a try. During my initial 30-day period, I also learned I could connect two devices at the same time and not pay any additional service fees. I can download videos, music, and movies to my tablet for an upcoming business trip, while browsing securely on my favorite social media sites on my laptop.

Included in the numerous connection options was the ability to choose from 65 different countries. This allowed me to access blocked content in those countries I could not previously get to through a regular internet connection. Now I can read my favorite foreign magazines and newspapers online, as well as watch foreign videos and listen to foreign music.

The best part about HideMyAss VPN service was the ease of starting the connection. I open the application, which opens my Dashboard. From there, I can connect using my previous connection or use the drop down boxes to make changes for other connections I used in the past. If I want a new configuration or make other changes, I simply navigate to the area using the buttons on the left side of the screen.

I urge you to try HideMyAss VPN service today if you are looking for a reliable provider featuring the most options and features.