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Securing your Tablets Means Your Life


I am a tablet user and thus am always on the go. My tablet is used for everything from checking email to work and keeping up with all the visual media consumed. Being mobile means that I use wi-fi hotspots all around the Los Angeles area, from downtown all the way to Hollywood. Coffee shops, libraries, and random open networks found along the way are how I stay online and keep up with everything yet these are public networks. There is no protection on them and this puts all my data at risk.

Luckily, I discovered VPN technology and how it allows you to browse the Web anonymously. I looked around and found a few VPN providers who specialize in providing a VPN for tablet owners. It was easy to setup and start using on my tablet. My VPN protection even turns on or off along with the wi-fi so I never have to remember to turn it on as I move from one hotspot to another. Having the peace of mind now is spectacular, as before it was worrisome that I could get my identity stolen.

It was nerve wracking checking my bank account online while at a coffee shop, and not knowing if my information would get stolen. But with a VPN, I  know that anything on my tablet is secure. One downside is that by using a VPN, my Internet speed has slowed but that’s a small cost to pay for the protection of sensitive data. I especially like how this technology can make it look like I’m in Kansas or England, thus deterring any local wi-fi users who might think hacking into my tablet an easy task. 

My suggestion to any mobile wi-fi user is to get the best 2015 VPN service on their device today, and start protecting their data while on public wi-fi hotspots. HideMyAss follow this link to read the review about this VPN service that is one of the best VPN service provider today at a cheap price.